September 3rd, 2016

Photo credit: Pam Vaughan

Photo credit: Pam Vaughan

I’m excited to share that The Writer’s Loft in Sherborn, MA has invited me back to present at their lovely writing center. Last time I talked about how authors can market themselves to independent bookstores. This time I’ll be leading a Build-Your-Own-Event workshop. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Okay, I can: I am VERY excited. When I worked at the bookstore, I would get calls all the time from debut authors on our event schedule who were nervous because now that they/their publicist had booked them an event, what were they supposed to do? Was anyone going to come? How could they prepare? So I can’t wait to help writers and illustrators at all stages in their careers learn to be both practical and creative with their events. And to send them on their way with a concrete plan. Come join us on October 1st at 2pm!


Hope you can be there or help spread the word. If you’re interested in this workshop but can’t attend, reach out or leave a note in the comments and we can work something out in the meantime. Or if there’s enough demand, maybe the Loft will invite me back!

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