The Auteur

“Don’t lament so much about how your career is going to turn out. You don’t have a career. You have a life. Do the work. Keep the faith. Be true blue. You are a writer because you write. Keep writing and quit your bitching. Your book has a birthday. You don’t know what it is yet.” —Cheryl Strayed aka Dear Sugar


Hi. I’m Allison and (among other things) I am a writer, reader, graphic designer, event planning coach. I have been published in The Oakland Review , on TheRumpus.net, and am currently working on a novel. I used to work in an indie bookstore where I planned author events and recommended great books to people. Before that I worked in marketing for an academic press. I love books, reading, tea, design, cooking, people (but not cooking people) and pretending to garden. I’m an optimist and a Libra. I am married, have two awesome daughters, and live in a house in New England where it’s cold two-thirds of the year but always beautiful.

Favorite writers in no particular order: Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood, Ursula le Guin, Anne Lamott, Terry Pratchett, Kazuo Ishiguro, Octavia Butler, Nicola Griffith, Neil Gaiman, Milan Kundera, Alice Munro

The Name


“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

What writer doesn’t feel the need to write more, take bigger risks, be braver? It’s the pen (or computer in this case) that gets us there, not holding the sword of self-doubt to our own throats. This blog helps me to remember that we are all striving to be just a little bit stronger, a little bit better.

The Beautiful Stuff

“We are cups quietly and constantly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out” – Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of the biggest inspirations in my writing and my approach to language. I’m seeking the beautiful words I know I have. Just got to be mighty enough to tip…