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Monday, July 6th, 2009

My memory likes to play tricks on me. I remember the moment when I realized songs with lyrics were worth listening to, but that moment comes long after I actually began to do a little song writing myself. So maybe that afternoon when I began pulling CD’s out of my father’s cabinet in search of the perfect soundtrack to our high school theater group’s production video, maybe that was just the final push that opened the door to my new found love for music with words. I still enjoy classical, new age, solo piano, acoustic¬† guitar, Celtic, and world music, but it was taking that moment to really sit down and listen to the words in hopes to line them up with visuals that gave me an excuse to start borrowing even more of my father’s CDs and, years later (fast forward to… a few weeks ago!) to be able to pick out CD’s that we both appreciate.

Considering the fact that my parents’ anniversary gift to us was a coffee maker (we don’t drink coffee… they do), I didn’t feel the least bit guilty in purchasing CDs for Father’s Day that I would then promptly “borrow.” Share and share alike, I always say.

Anyway, having not paid attention to much pop music prior to the age of 18 with the exception of Savage Garden (swoon), most of my developing appreciation came from my Dad’s enormous CD collection (which I had already raided for New Age CDs… don’t judge me). His long time passion was classical music, but more recently his tastes run more towards folk, with a mix of Celtic and Irish, country, and bluegrass. I have distinct musical memories that stretch back: hearing Pachelbel’s canon for the first time; being woken up on Saturday mornings to him blasting something classical or country to get us down for breakfast; Dad quizzing us over dinner as to classical music composers; Mom playing “The Spinning Song” on the piano;¬† listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter while lying on my stomach on the blue carpet in the living room; discovering Carrie Newcomer’s song “Bare to the Bone”; the Dar Williams and Maura O’Connell soundtrack of my summer while I interned in D.C.; listening to Patty Griffin’s “Living with Ghosts” while waiting for my father’s car to be repaired, the list goes on and on. So Dad, a belated belated father’s day toast, to the man who made me love music and made it a part of my soul and inspiration. I love you!

I have several music memories that deal more specifically with writing. Before I even begin, I can feel the itch to take this post in so many different directions! But this time I will focus on music as inspiration (rather than the writing of music). (more…)