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Spring Revision

Thursday, April 20th, 2017


There is something uplifting about the early spring: crisp air and hot sun or the neon green of new grass against the grey of cooler rainy days. When I was a kid, our neighbors forsythia would burst into canary yellow blooms and in it’s shade was a small patch of vinca, a spring flowering ground cover. I loved those little purple flowers so much. I would pick a few and put them in a glass of water, then present them to my father with a sandwich for his lunch.

I knew when we moved into this house that vinca grew all over our property because there was still a flower lingering here and there, but it’s another thing all together to see our home blanketed in it. It feels right and special. I miss the gardens we’d begun at our old home – lightly neglected herbs and perennial flowers that bloomed throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Some fragrant, some colorful. But the vinca and forsythia and azaleas are enough for now. I traipsed around the yard with my oldest child this weekend, searching out these early blooming flowers, discovering the plantings around our new home. We started up the grill and I even broke out my iced tea press so you know I’m committed to this fresh, fine weather.

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Spring should be the season to review feedback — see where the revisions you’ve made have born fruit, as it were — but here I am still revising: planting the bulbs late, moving things around, hoping nothing sprouts stunted. This winter/early spring has been mostly snow and sick days. I should just give in to the fact that nothing of significance ever gets written in February in my home. But the sunshine and above freezing temperatures, the pastels and yellows and greens of April are warming me up. So! Writerly updates!

  1. I wrote a short story! And I submitted it to an anthology! And it got rejected! But that’s okay! It was about a boy and first contact with an alien shaped like a tiny pink pony and it was really fun to write and totally one hundred percent different from my novel which was a much-needed change of pace.
    1. I thought writing short stories after writing a novel would be a piece of cake. I was wrong.
    2. I really want the next big project I work on to be funny.
  2. I taught another event building workshop in March. In fact, I’m making a bit of a side business of helping authors plan and market book events. Because apparently I need more to do.
    1. When I couldn’t think of how to fix my novel, I made a website for my event coaching business. I  am now taking select clients.
    2. I have another workshop scheduled in June. You should come!
  3. I’m now doing a monthly marketing blog post for the Writer’s Loft blog, Loftings.
  4. I’ve been plugging away at revisions but it’s slow. I hit a big snag with The Month of February and then working through a really thorny chapter that had me stumped. Plus planning for my workshop. But! It goes!
  5. I read some books in January and February (highlights included Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson and the first few Company books by Kage Baker) but nothing much since. I’m currently enjoying the compilation of letters between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto because I love J.C. and because I can read it in little pieces before bed.

I am almost through revising Part 2 of 3 so that is a good feeling. I need to go back and continue to comb through the rough, messy parts. I was so hoping this draft would be wrapped up in another month or so but it may need longer. And then reading. And probably one more draft (not sure how deep of one, hard to say).


I have days when I swear I am not smart enough for this, that I have nothing original to say. I have days when things slot together like an elaborate line of tumblers, unlocking something deep inside the story so I can see a bit of light shining through from the end, from the place this story could be.


Readers Report: Fantasy Land – The

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Exciting news! You can read a bit of flash fiction by yours truly on The Rumpus. Enjoy!

Readers Report: Fantasy Land – The

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Writing I Submitted to the Oakland Review: Alumni Issue

Sunday, December 6th, 2009


Elephants on Memorial

They lined up, as if for a parade, for as far as you could see, the people and beasts.

These Four Walls

The newest thing in the house is not the flat screen TV. The newest thing in the house is the lock on the front door.


the sounds that carry

This house is built on stilts
for when the floods come.


Fallow (more…)

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Cycles or Why I Need to Write Something for the Lit Mag

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Wow it’s been a while. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I received an e-mail today from my alma mater saying that the undergraduate literary magazine is doing a special alumni edition and that the due date for submissions is Oct. 31st. The 31st! That’s barely three weeks. During which I will be traveling to a conference for a week. It doesn’t feel like nearly enough time to get my act together.

Perhaps I wouldn’t feel so rushed if I felt like I had something prepared to submit. I refuse to submit something written in college because it’s an alumni edition and in my mind that means I should submit something I’ve written as an alumni. Unfortunately, I have very few finished pieces that I have completed since graduation.

I have several poems that I think would fair alright. I’m a bit more cavalier with my poetry… I feel like it either comes out the way I want it to, in which case I’m happy to share it, or it doesn’t, in which case it probably won’t be worth anything to anyone except myself. It’s a shorter form and maybe that’s why I find it easier to revise. It’s easier for me to think in short bursts of metaphor and get it down on paper. And I’m content to leave a poem for a long time and then come back and finish it. For some reason, it seems like less of a struggle. Maybe it’s because, while I like poetry and enjoying reading it adn writing it, I don’t hold myself to any incredible standard. I write it when I feel like I have something to say and that’s about it.

Fiction is another can of worms entirely. (more…)